User Interface

clearly arranged, simple, intuitive

Tygeris was created as a tool for translators and has been fine-tuned to suit their needs. Even the basic version offers high-quality machine translation and in-built dictionaries, proofing tools as well as corpus search tools. The “all-in-one” approach significantly boosts work efficiency while preserving the quality of translation. The user-friendly environment of Tygeris will help you do more in less time.

Automation of Translation

cutting-edge neural machine translation

The project manager as well as the translators can use high-quality machine translation by Lingea. Our machine translation tools rank among the world’s best. They are fully integrated in the system and preserve the format of the source document. For larger projects, we are also able to prepare domain-adapted machine translation engines customized for you needs and preferred terminology.

Quality Assurance

all tools are readily available

Available to the translator is a whole range of Lingea tools boosting the quality of the resulting translation. These tools include a spell checker, thesauri, checking of correct conversion of e-mail addresses and phone numbers, data format preservation and correct punctuation in the target language. To check the correctness of translation terminology, bilingual dictionaries can be used at any time.


comes always first

The system runs on a secure server and files can be loaded directly into it without having to use an external data warehouse. The distribution is secure as the documents are assigned using access codes. Unlike any other CAT systems, we do NOT use any third-party software! Your data stays solely yours and we do not use it to improve our tools. By using Tygeris, you do not violate any NDA.


you can monitor the contract in real time

Keep track of the work progress of you translators and proofreaders at all times. You can monitor the entire contract as well as separate files. Managerial roles can be defined dynamically by assigning or revoking the rights. The roles are not defined by using the term “manager” but by authorizations assigned to a given user. Files can be added or removed even after the project has been launched.


a product inspired by the users

The Tygeris watchword is user-friendliness and convenience. The feedback from our users influences the development of the entire system as well as its component tools such as dictionaries, machine translation and proofing tools. All of these components perfectly cooperate with each other ensuring reliability, efficiency and security of the entire translation process. The ultimate reward is a satisfied user.