Our translation system is suitable for training purposes of beginners as well as for full-time work of professional translators and project managers.


New Beta version to be available soon

Starting from Apr. 1st, we are switching from internal testing to an open Beta version available to all users interested in a modern CAT tool. When developing the system, we focused on creating an efficient and clearly arranged user interface. When compared to other CAT tools, Tygeris aims at providing more relevant information while preventing the user from being distracted by unnecessary controls. This helps maximize the space available for the translated text, contexts and other relevant info.

High-quality machine translation

Did you know that via Tygeris you can gain access to one of the best rated neural machine translation tools for 26 languages? They are characterized by achieving high quality of translation based on AI and neural network technology. Current cutting-edge machine translation offers a lot higher quality of results than any previous translation tools. Moreover, there is a significant prospect of its further continuous improvement.